Monday, April 21, 2008

Today has been a Monday

So, today is Monday... and it has tried hard to be one... Tried to work on a render and ended up frustrated because it wouldn't work out the way I wanted. Got one to work finally but more about that later.
I've created a Zazzle store to try and make some spending money off my renders. I'm in the process of uploading them, some very old stuff is on there but it will be coming down for the new stuff... keychains, magnets, mousepads, tshirts, posters, mugs etc... it's here if you are interested - Comment with any specific render you want on a specific item and I'll work on getting it up.
Now to the render... well it's really more of a joke was thinking about Ancient Egypt, then thought museum... which led to me thinking about the movie "Night at the Museum" - which gave me the idea of a little girl insisting to the Museum employee that the figures came to life at night... and so I created this:

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