Monday, April 28, 2008

Lighting test and a happy accident

This was a lighting test. I added a tan distant light. I was trying for a sunrise/sunset feel but it didn't work out that way, instead it gave her skin a really nice tan color and the building an almost adobe feel. One thing about doing renders, when doing women finding jewelry that looks good is a pain in the ass. There is very little that isn't horrid. I call this one "Pondering"

This one was a happy accident. Oh the girl and her pose wasn't, but the feel of her is different in the final than in the original idea. She was suppossed to be resting after killing the dragon, but when I put the dragon in and started testing poses I got the one you currently see. It reminded me of a puppy who was seeing what their master was doing. Since dragons are intelligent - the idea flashed in my head of a dead knight in the background. I call this one "Was I bad?"

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