Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book Trailer policies

What I need from the authors:

Cover - the higher quality the image, the better it will produce.
Blurb - most of the text in the video will come directly from the blurb.
Excerpt - this will help me get the feel of the book.
Music Genre - Rock, Jazz, Clasical, Electronic, Pop, etc.
Any other information that you think will help. Examples - Hair colors for the hero and heroine. Setting - is it set in a big city or a small town or in the country. Season of the year. What the hero and heroine do for a living.

Cost -

$25.00 for the work.
Cost of music and photos needed to create the video - music runs between $5 and $20.00. Photos vary from $1.75 to $10.00 per image depending on the image itself - most images I use are in the $1.75 to $4.00 range. On average it take 2 to 3 images for a video.

Time to make -

It varies depending on my workload but usually a week or less.

Changes -

The author can request 1 major change with no charge all changes after that are $1.00
There is no charge for changes due to typos or other errors on my part.

Payment -
$25.00 charge must be paid before work begins on the trailer. A statement will be emailed showing any additional charges upon completion of the video and must be paid within 15 days unless otherwise agreed upon.

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