Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blood and Honey by Melissa Glisan

Sweetbrier Academy Series by Nancy O'Barry

Sarah's Story by Delilah K. Stephans

Dangerous Obsession by Blake Deveraux

Wicked Pleasures by Tambra Kendall

The Quickening by Antonia Tiranth

Robert's Story by Kissa Starling

Book Trailer policies

What I need from the authors:

Cover - the higher quality the image, the better it will produce.
Blurb - most of the text in the video will come directly from the blurb.
Excerpt - this will help me get the feel of the book.
Music Genre - Rock, Jazz, Clasical, Electronic, Pop, etc.
Any other information that you think will help. Examples - Hair colors for the hero and heroine. Setting - is it set in a big city or a small town or in the country. Season of the year. What the hero and heroine do for a living.

Cost -

$25.00 for the work.
Cost of music and photos needed to create the video - music runs between $5 and $20.00. Photos vary from $1.75 to $10.00 per image depending on the image itself - most images I use are in the $1.75 to $4.00 range. On average it take 2 to 3 images for a video.

Time to make -

It varies depending on my workload but usually a week or less.

Changes -

The author can request 1 major change with no charge all changes after that are $1.00
There is no charge for changes due to typos or other errors on my part.

Payment -
$25.00 charge must be paid before work begins on the trailer. A statement will be emailed showing any additional charges upon completion of the video and must be paid within 15 days unless otherwise agreed upon.

To discuss making a trailer contact us at