Friday, July 25, 2008

Been quiet a while

Real life decided it hadn't kicked me in the backside lately and decided to correct the problem. Which meant no render time for me. I do have a couple renders that I haven't posted so thought you might enjoy seeing them.

First up: Vacation

I love this outfit and have many textures for it, each one has a slightly different feel, from goth to a touch of innocence. I've used it in several images Rose, Misunderstood, Searching and this one. The background is a HUGE set piece that is very rich in texture and I just love the kitties.

Second up is DJ's Workout

Another one of those time to kill renders from Alexis Morgan's Paladin series - (Dark Defender, Dark Protector, In Darkness Reborn, and Redeemed in Darkness). DJ is a Paladin who fights in an unknown war keeping Earth safe from crazed Others that invade our world. He's also a mischievious prankster and a computer genius - he hacks into systems for fun and profit.... he writes security software on the side. Anyway - I enjoy rendering hot guys and DJ is a good "model". I tried some different settings on the skin trying to get that sheen of sweat but right before there's beads of sweat running down... Came pretty close to the effect I was after. Should have tweaked the waist on the jeans a bit more.

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